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Weed Control by Landscape GeekWeed Control

Landscape Geek Landscape Management will apply pre-emergent weed control twice per year, once in June and once in November. Landscape Geek includes the cost of pre-emergent weed control in your monthly maintenance cost. The success of the pre-emergent weed control depends a great deal on receiving approximately ? inches of rain within three weeks of application.

Summertime applications of pre-emergent weed control will be applied after the local weather authorities have declared that the Monsoons have officially begun.

Winter applications of pre-emergent weed control will be timed to coincide with the local projections of rain.

If adequate rain is not received to activate the pre-emergent weed control, additional pre-emergent and/or post-emergent weed control applications may be proposed. Each pre-emergent weed control application will include, after 30 days, twelve (12) post-emergent weed control applications as needed. These post-emergent weed control applications are included in the cost of the pre-emergent weed control application.

Landscape Geek Landscape Management is licensed by the Structural pest Control Commission for weed control application.

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