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Water is the main enemy in expansive soils problems. There is either too much water, causing the soil to swell, or not enough, causing the soil to shrink.

If all soil beneath a foundation swells uniformly or shrinks uniformly it is unlikely to cause a problem. But when only part of the foundation heaves or settles, differential movement causes cracks and other damage.

Most differential movement is caused by differences in soil moisture. After construction, soil beneath part of the foundation becomes wetter or drier than the rest of the soil.

Foundation cracks can result from the seesaw effect of the winter rains/snow followed by drought-like summer conditions on the soil. When soil is extremely wet, it expands and lifts the foundation. When the soil becomes extremely dry it contracts and the foundation sinks.

Fountains and Watergardens by Landscape GeekProper drainage in wet months and keeping the soil moist in summer lessen the impact of stress on your home’s foundation.

Remember: the intent of foundation maintenance is to maintain a constant moisture content in the soil around and below the entire foundation and to prevent soil erosion that can result from water flowing off the roof or other large flat surfaces near the building.

Landscape Geek can install your foundation watering system to help prevent the high cost of damages to your home’s foundation.

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